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Always wanted to be a youtuber? Learn what takes to become a great TV presenter and social media content creator. 

Here is a course to help you find your niche and help you develop your skills. You’ll learn how to make engaging videos and discover what your YouTube brand is.

We will enable you to present to camera in a dynamic and confident manner and show you how to connect and engage with your audience.


Ages 9 – 16+


How often

One 1 hour class per week for 8 weeks.

You can chose your start day from either Tuesdays 10-11, Thursdays 12-1 or Fridays 10-11.

Topics and activities, we will cover:

  • What are your hobbies and favorite youtubers?

  • Discuss current youtubers and what makes their content engaging

  • What kind of video’s do you want to create?

  • Presenting tips and techniques and vocal delivery

  • You and your brand

  • How you want to present yourself

  • Your look

  • Your 3 key messages

  • What you want to say-scripting a video

  • How to film your video

  • Advice on using social media and staying safe

  • How to make something popular

  • What video editing style you should use

  • Reviewing each other’s work


What you will need


Access to a camera or camera phone

Access to a computer or phone with an editing software


After finishing the course there will be the option to join the YouTube club, where we have a skype class once a week for an hour. We give advice on each other’s channels and content. Brainstorming video ideas to help keep the channels going and growing.

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