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Film Set Elstree Studios

Summer Film Making camp

Make your very own short film in 5 Days and take a digital copy home.

Here at Dreamcatcher Film Camp, the films made on our Summer Film Camps feature great heroes, anti-heroes, goodies and baddies, exciting chases and dramatic scenes – all scripted, filmed and directed by young people aged 9 – 18. (We try to put together groups within an age range of 4 years max)

Children come up with their own idea for a film, then set about scripting, story boarding, shooting, directing and editing it over the five days under expert tuition from industry professionals. It’s all great fun but good learning too and young wannabee filmmakers finish the course equipped to make their own movies.

We are a private owned business run by industry professionals and not just another franchise, now in our 12th year and still going strong. With a 90 percent return rate year on year we have a lot of students who have been with us for 5 years plus, and we have a lot of ex students now working full time in our wonderful world of show biz...

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