Summer Film Making camp

Make your very own short film in 5 Days and take a digital copy home.

Here at Dreamcatcher Film Camp, the films made on our Summer Film Camps feature great heroes, anti-heroes, goodies and baddies, exciting chases and dramatic scenes – all scripted, filmed and directed by young people aged 8 – 18.

Children come up with their own idea for a film, then set about scripting, story boarding, shooting, directing and editing it over the five days under expert tuition from industry professionals. It’s all great fun but good learning too and young wannabee filmmakers finish the course equipped to make their own movies.

“Good Morning Britain” and former “Britain’s Got Talent” presenter Piers Morgan said "There's a lot of raw talent out there. I saw it all the time being a judge on both "Britains Got Talent" and its American counterpart but you have to harness children's creativity if it's to grow. I think Dreamcatcher’s film camp, where they give children cameras and teach them to make their own films is a fantastic way of doing that. I only wish that it was available when I was a kid".