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This is a course where we take you through the whole casting experience and prepare you for an audition. We have taken several people through this and the better prepared you are, the better chance of landing an audition and getting the gig. We also get lots of requests from casting agents on the lookout for children and young people for auditions.

Topics covered include -

  1. How to get on agents’ books

  2. What are the best agencies?

  3. Do I need to pay an agent in advance?

  4. How do I get an audition?

  5. What happens next?

  6. How do I prepare?

  7. What do I wear?

  8. Do I get a script in advance, how do I deliver the lines?

  9. How do I address the casting agent?

  10. What happens in the audition?

  11. What happens afterwards?

  12. How do I do a self- tape?

  13. How do I speak to camera?

  14. How do I get feedback?

  15. How do I deal with the ups and downs of it?

  16. How do I get acting practice?

  17. What kind of mindset do I need to succeed?

  18. What are my unique talents and abilities

  19. How can I hone my craft

How often

1 hour once a week for 7 weeks

You can chose your start day from either Monday 10-11, Tuesday 12-1 and Thursday 10-11 or 12-1.

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