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Ages 9 – 17

Always wanted to learn stop motion animation, now you can! Make your own short animated movie by the end of the course. Learn how to create short engaging stories and bring the objects around your house, whether it be toys, Plasticine, paper or your water bottle, alive. You’ll learn some basic principles of animation, collaborate on story ideas and how to storyboard you film. By the end of the week you will have made your own animated movie.


How often

One 2 hour class per week for 4 weeks via skype. You will need to do some work in between, whether it’s finishing your storyboard or finishing making your characters.

You can chose your start day from either Monday 12-2, Tuesday 12-2, Wednesday 2-4, Thursday 10-12 or Fridays 12-2.

What you’ll need

Paper, pens and pencils

Smart phone with the Stop motion studio app (we will be teaching the premium version that is £0.99)

Toys or random objects

Blue tac or tape

Plasticine would be great, but fine if you don’t have


Course topics and activities include:

  • Background in short story arcs and plot

  • Brainstorming story ideas

  • How to create characters with what you have around you

  • How to storyboard

  • Animation demo - how to make things move

  • How to give personality with animation

  • How to follow your storyboard and create your animated movie

  • Reviews and guidance on each other’s work


At the end of the course there will be the option to join the animation club, which will skype once a week for an hour. Where we animate together and give advice on how to improve animation skills.

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