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Young Achievers is a unique interview and presentation skills training programme for young people aged 10 – 18 designed to engage and inspire teenagers to present themselves in their best possible light – whether it’s doing an interview for a place in secondary school, boarding school or University or simply enabling them to become more confident in themselves and every day life. 


Our Young Achievers programme gets students to think about their strengths and weaknesses. With an emphasis on building confidence, we enable them to highlight their strengths and coach them in dealing with difficult questions. 


Here’s what some previous attendees have said about the programme:


Learning techniques for public speaking helped me make better presentations in class.  It was really useful

                                                                  Ben, Aged 15, Kingston Grammar



I had a fun day and learnt how to speak up more confidently and believe in myself

                                                               Buster, Aged 10, Rokeby Prep School



It taught me how to communicate better in different situations. I really enjoyed the day.

                                                              Naomi, Aged 13, Lady Eleanor Hollis


Our programme includes:



Participants are encouraged to think about their strengths and weaknesses. They are then coached in how to present these in interview. How to turn a weakness into a strength and how to take a positive approach to life and themselves to realize that they are good enough.



You may feel nervous going into an interview situation. It’s a stressful time. We give some tips on how to deal with nerves on the day and how to get into a positive frame of mind. Also some tips on use of breathing technique to calm you down


Interview skills

Some top tips for presenting yourself to a panel of adults so that you come away feeling you’ve shown yourself in the best light possible.


Anticipating interview topics


Be ready to explain unusual situations such as low grades, school changes, or absences. Addressing these topics directly is best for everyone. We teach you how.


Dressing appropriately

What not to wear………


What to bring to an interview

Ask each school before your interview what materials they would like to see. Most schools are only interested in meeting you during the interview but may want to know about your special interests and talents. You may have portfolio of strong work you wish to bring to your interview. If you’re a writer, painter, photographer or musician, the school wants to know.  We coach you on how to present your best work.


Getting to know the school/business/university

You may have been to an Open Day at the school or university of your choice.  We reflect on this so that you can ask some appropriate questions during your interviews which will convey your enthusiasm for that school or University.


Be yourself

Behave respectfully and honestly. Remember, this might be the school that you want to attend.  We give some tips on what the school will be watching out for.



You can chose your course day from either Tuesdays 2-5, Wednesdays 10-1, Thursdays 2-5 or Fridays 10-1.


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