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Want to be a journalist or a tv producer? Imagine you and your friends have to write and produce a news bulletin for the BBC. What will be your top stories be, how will you decide?  You can design your segment as a group who work together or alternatively someone could choose to work as an individual. At the end we will add together all the groups projects to form one news show. Can you tell the difference between real and fake news? What are the stories that you want to see, that matter to you and what is your approach to those stories?



Ages 12 – 16+



 1 x 2 hour sessions per week for 5 weeks online plus you will need to do some prep work in between.

You can chose your start day either Monday or Friday 3 till 5pm for the 5 weeks.

Course topics and discussions:


  • Team make up and production meeting

  • Decide on-line up and headline stories

  • Decide who you will want as guests, interviewees

  • Design your news segments, write briefs, questions

  • What is your market, local, national or international News?

  • Will you be converting a fictional story (aliens landing) or current events?

  • Do you want it to be an interview or the news reporter just talking to camera?

  • Writing scripts for news, producing and being a news anchor

  • Cutting VT packages

  • Writing bumper breaks and intros and outros

  • We will guide each other on camera directions, what the reporter should wear

  • Team meetings to give each other feed back

  • How to edit it, what editing style works for news

  • Responding to breaking news



Remember, it’s yours to mould and shape. Let’s hear young voices and ideas.